Board of Supervisors Authorized Projects

Instructions, specifications, plans and bid forms are available through Please follow the instructions provided for submitting any bids and note that any questions regarding any bid shall be submitted via the "Clarifications" feature within Pennbid.  

Contract No. 22-17 - Municipal Campus Rear Parking Lot - Parking Lot Improvements 
The milling, paving, line striping, sidewalk installation and lighting for the Municipal Campus Rear Parking Lot Improvements.

Contract No. 22-19 - Sun Valley Utilities Upgrade 
The Greenwood Drive's water line and storm sewer replacement.

Contract No. 22-21 - Printing Services - Cranberry Township Newsletter
Printing Services for the Cranberry Township Newsletter.

Contract No. 22-22 - Pickleball Air Dome 
Installation of an air dome for Pickleball play during the winter months.