Bid Opening & Results

Cranberry Bid Opening Virtual Meeting During COVID-19 Crisis

Bid Opening Virtual Meeting: April 15

To encourage social distancing and respect the PA Governor’s order to stay at home while continuing the business of the Township, bids were opened virtually via Microsoft Teams at 10:00 AM, on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. 

The public was invited in advance to view the bid opening, through a computer’s web browser or through the Microsoft Teams application on a computer, tablet or cellphone. (How to view a Microsoft Teams meeting)

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 Bid Results Summary (grouped by year, 2013-present)

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  • Contract No. 20-11 - BCWPCF - Disposal of Bio-Solids, Grit & Screening - Rebid
  • Contract No. 20-10 - BCWPCF - Acoustic Silencers for Blow Intakes - Rebid
  • Contract No. 20-09 - Cranberry Township Parks - Fencing Projects
  • Contract No. 20-08 - Line Painting and Traffic Markings
  • Contract No. 20-07 - BCWPCF - Acoustic Silencers for Blow Intakes
  • Contract No. 20-06 - BCWPCF - Disposal of Bio-Solids, Grit & Screening
  • Contract No. 20-05 - Micro-Surfacing 2020
  • Contract No. 20-04 - Crack Sealing 2020
  • Contract No. 20-03 - Seal Coating 2020
  • Contract No. 20-02 - Superpave Street Resurfacing 2020
  • Contract No. 20-01 - Interceptor No. 7 Rehabilitation & Streambank Restoration