ADA Grievance Procedure 

It is the policy of Cranberry Township to make reasonable modifications in its policies, practices and procedures in order to permit qualified individuals with disabilities to fully participate in programs, services and activities offered by the Township. Requests for such modifications may be addressed to the Township Manager, Ph: 724- 776-4806, x 1103.

In addition, in the event an individual is dissatisfied with the Township's response to a request for a modification or in some other manner believes the Township has discriminated on the basis of a disability, the Township of Cranberry has adopted the following procedure for the filing and investigation of grievances related to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

1. The individual designated for the receipt of grievances under the Americans with Disabilities Act is:

2. An individual with a disability who believes that he or she, or a specific class of persons with disabilities, has been denied the benefits, services or programs of the Township of Cranberry, or has otherwise been subjected to discrimination by the Township may file a grievance with the Township.

Assistant Township Manager
Cranberry Township
2525 Rochester Rd.
Cranberry Township, PA 16066

Ph: 724-776-4806, x 1103

3. Grievances should be filed with the Assistant Township Manager within thirty (30) days of the alleged discriminatory act. Grievances will be accepted and investigated after the expiration of this thirty day period, however, the investigation and resolution of grievances will be improved by prompt submission.

4. Grievances should be submitted in writing and set forth the following information:

  • a. Name, address and telephone number of the grievant;
    b. Description of the program, service or benefit of the Township which is the subject of the grievance;
    c. Date of the denial of the program, service or benefit or other alleged discrimination;
    d. Date of contacts with or requests of accommodation to Township representatives and identification of the Township representatives;
        e. Explanation of the modification or relief requested. 

Individuals who require assistance in the preparation of a grievance should contact the office of the Assistant Township Manager.

5. The Township shall review and investigate all grievances and provide a written response within thirty (30) days of receipt. Any decision that any action necessary to achieve compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act would result in a fundamental alteration or an undue administrative or financial burden will be accompanied by a written statement of the reasons for that conclusion.

Requests for alteration of practices or policies, removal of physical barriers or modifications may be made at any time to the Assistant Township Manager. Such requests need not be in the form of a grievance.