Storm Sewer System

In an ongoing attempt to make stormwater cleaner, the Pennsylvania Department of  Environmental Protection is implementing a new permit to meet new federal regulations. As a part of this permit small communities must implement a storm water management program, track progress towards its goals, and report on its progress.  

The stormwater program focuses on 6 goals

1. Public Education Distribute stormwater pamphlets to all target audiences, run stormwater ads in the newspaper, distribute posters to schools, community organizations, and businesses. 

2. Public involvement Conduct public meeting to inform public about theTownship's storm water management program. Develop volunteer monitoring team to monitor communities stormwater. They will report any illegal dumping and any visible pollutants in streams.  

3. Illicit discharge detection and elimination Map all outfalls in community. Conduct field screening of 25% of communities outfalls each year to determine illicit discharges. Remove or correct illicit discharges.     

4. Construction site stormwater runoff management
This section addresses the education of developers, of the enforced stormwater management codes.     

5. Post Construction stormwater management This sections addresses the management of the codes dealing with stormwater runoff after construction is complete.     

6. Good housekeeping and pollution prevention Comprehensive pollution prevention program for municipal operations. Focusing on vehicle maintenance, fueling and washing, maintenance of stormwater facilities, and employee training.

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Two parts: SPC's Water Resource Center Workshop

Public education and outreach on Stormwater Impacts