Indoor Play

CTPA has two locations to play indoor pickleball, Cranberry Twp MC Gym and Glade Run Gym.  All sign ups are by Court Reserve only.    You can sign up for any spot up to 6 days in advance.    Sessions vary in price and must be paid at the time of the reservation on Court Reserve.    Don't want to make a series of $4 or $5 individual payments?    You can make one $50 or $100 Club Credit purchase with your credit card instead.   Go to any Sunday at 9 PM and look for $50 or $100 Pay & Cancel.   Its simple. Pick your amount and  sign up,  then withdrawn from the event.   The $50 or $100 will then go directly to your account to be use as Club Credit.   Then use the club credit to pay for future sessions.   

Cranberry Township Municipal Center Gym

Cranberry Twp has three pickleball courts on a wood gym floor.   Prior to entering please make sure there are no children in the gym.   If there is children in the gym we ask that you wait outside due to child clearance laws.   If they are not out at the start of the session please notify Parks & Rec Customer Service, please do not approach the teachers directly.

We also ask that you leave the gym before the expiration of the session time.    For example if your session ends at 11:30 AM, then stop play at 11:20, take down the nets and be out of the gym by 11:30.   

Glade Run Gym

Glade Run consists of three courts on vinyl tile.   Times for Glade Run is 5PM-7PM & 7PM -9PM Monday thru Friday.    On Saturday/Sunday we have two sessions at 8AM-10 AM & 10 AM to noon

Liability form (You must complete to play at Glade Run)

Glade RunDirections to Glade Run - The gym for Glade Run is behind the whole complex on the backside of Passavant. 

Traveling via Route 19 N (Main Street)
Make a left on Culvert (before the first light) at the T (second stop sign).
Make a left onto Green Lane and go about .2 mile. On the right you'll see the big building for Glade Run offices.
Continue past the parking lot until you get to the small sign for St. Stevens School.
Turn right, the gym is the 3rd building on your left.

Traveling via Route 19 S (Main Street)
Make a right at Beaver St, left at the second intersection onto Green.
Continue .2-mile past parking until you get to the small sign for St. Stevens School.
Turn right, the gym is the 3rd building on your left. 

Refund Policy:

We will give a refund to Club Credit up to 24 hours in advance of the start time of session that you are signed up for.   There will be no refund after 24 hours.  Please no exceptions.   If you signed up and cannot make it, YOU MUST FIND A SUB to take your place.   Remember that if you do not show up there will be three other people who cannot play because you did not get a sub.   Please be responsible for your fellow members and get a sub if you plan not to be there 24 hours or less.

Indoor Guest Pass:   If you invite a guest you must pay that person normal court fee PLUS get a $5 guest pass.   For example assume you bought a YFP pass for $16 and wanted to bring a guest.   You would pay the $16 plus purchase a $5 guest pass for that day.   Go to Member Section on details to buy a Guest Pass.   Please be respectful of fellow members and buy a guest pass.