Why did the Township allow this work to occur?

Simply put, the Township does not have the authority to permit or stop such work. Utility companies have a legal right to access any of their infrastructure located on the owner’s property due to easement rights. Easements are dedicated sections of land on private property which utility companies are allowed to access for the betterment of the community.

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1. Who is working in residential lawns and properties?
2. Why are flags being placed on a property, and what do they mean?
3. Are Township employees working on resident’s properties?
4. If I’m not switching my internet provider, why are there workers in my yard?
5. This is my private property, and I did not give permission for companies to access it. Why are they allowed to do so?
6. Why are they digging?
7. When will companies begin digging?
8. I smell gas – what should I do?
9. When will the project be completed?
10. How long will the flags remain in the ground?
11. How long will painted markings last, and is it safe?
12. If property was damaged, who would pay for repairs?
13. When switching internet providers, who needs to be contacted?
14. What is the process of telecommunication access?
15. Can I remove the flags from my property?
16. Do you have a question that is not listed?
17. Why did the Township allow this work to occur?
18. What is the Township doing to address resident issues?
19. Is the Township working with the utility companies?
20. Why can’t companies share lines or use existing lines?
21. Why did the Township approve franchise agreements?
22. How was this work communicated with residents?