Freshcorn Rd.

The Freshcorn Road project addressed safety issues along the section of the road between Kingston Avenue and the Jackson Township line by widening the roadway and improving the line of site, among other improvements. The stretch of road is a main artery for those traveling to the nearby Cranberry Highlands Golf Course.

The Township’s Department of Public Works Streets Division crew performed grading of the embankment to improve the line-of-sight at the intersection of Glen Rape and Freshcorn Roads, along with widening and realigning sections of the road to bring it up to current standards for roadway width, horizontal and vertical curves, and for safety. 

A reclamation process was used to rehabilitate the pavement by recycling the existing asphalt pavement at a significant cost savings. The roadway was then repaved using funds from the liquid fuels repaving project.

All work on this project was completed by in-house crews to save cost, with the exception of contracted services for design and paving. 

HRG Inc. was selected to design the project and did so after investigating via survey and determining right-of-way, line and grade design, and utility issues. The $13,550 contract came in addition to a $51,285 agreement for full depth reclamation to Midland Asphalt Materials Inc., and an $85,062 contract with Youngblood Paving. HRG began the design phase in fall 2020, with work beginning in June 2021.

The total project cost, with an original engineering estimate anticipated to be roughly $450,000, totaled just $200,234 thanks to innovative practices and agreements with contracted companies.

The project is another example of the Township’s commitment to infrastructure improvements that meet the needs of residents and businesses of the community. That includes working with representatives from PennDOT District 10, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike, as well as neighboring communities, on projects that impact the greater good of the community.