Ball Machine Rental

The ball machine is available for rental starting April 17, 2021, but you must read the manual to learn how to open the lock storage container that holds the machine and YOU must view the two video and then load your phone with the app BEFORE you arrive at the courts.

As part of our 2020 Capital Campaign CTPA members can now rent the Spinshot ball machine and Practice Courts on an hourly basis. The reason we selected the  Spinshot is besides operating it  like a traditional "Manual adjusting" machine it also has a unique Wi-Fi system that allows your phone to act as a remote control and allowing you to preset 12 default positions so you can get fairly repeatable results each time you arrive for specific shots that you want to practice. This will save you so much time compare to a "manually adjusting" machine. That being said there are things you MUST do BEFORE you rent the machine. You will save so much time by reading the manual and viewing the videos.

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Download the App to your phone and set all of the preset defaults BEFORE you arrive at the court. 

Step 3:

Step  4:

  • Make your reservation on Court Reserve and pay your fee

Questions:  Please contact Tim at the above email.