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1. What is that white stuff in my coffeepot, on my showerhead, and glass shower door?
2. What is hard water?
3. Should I install a home-water treatment device?
4. How is my water tested, and who tests it?
5. Does my water contain fluoride?
6. Where does my water come from?
7. My water meter is making a clicking sound, what should I do?
8. How do I get a temporary water service?
9. How close to a fire hydrant can I plant trees, shrubs or flowers?
10. When will my road be plowed?
11. What should I do if my mailbox is hit by a snowplow?
12. How do I get a stop sign installed?
13. Can I get the speed limit reduced on a roadway?
14. Who regulates the traffic signals?
15. When will my road be resurfaced (paved)?
16. My road is on the resurfacing list, when will it be paved?
17. Do I need a permit to pave or repave my driveway?
18. Do I need permission to install a utility, sprinkler system or similar objects in Township right-of-way?
19. I have a site distance problem at an intersection, who do I contact to see if it can be fixed?
20. Who maintains driveway pipes/culverts?
21. Who maintains drainage ditches?
22. Who maintains pipes/culverts underneath roadways?
23. Who clears debris and/or repair erosion along stream channels?
24. Who maintains street catch basins?
25. Who maintains detention facilities?
26. Who handles stormwater complaints or concerns?
27. How can it be determined if there is sewer and/or water on a particular property in Cranberry Township?