Type of Play for CTPA Members

As of April 2018 CTPA Committee have decided to start the outdoor courts with three specific types of play.   

We are asking membership to experience it for 1 month and we will at the end of May send out a survey in order to get your input and suggestions.

Type of Play for CTPA Members

Level Play 
Level Play by each rating groups have priority. Only the coordinator(s) of the groups will have the authority to schedule times suitable for their members. Level play can be whatever format that each group decides, ladders, four/on-four off, winner stays on & split, practice, drilling etc., and can vary from one session to the other based on membership desires.
  • Level Play has to be all-inclusive and available to every member of that rating. 
  • Schedules should be consistent from week to week so members will be able to schedule and plan according.
  • Plan for the number of courts efficiently and the anticipated members who may attend.  If you find you have an extra court at the start of you play make the extra court available for “Your Four Play” players who may be playing during your session. If you consistently have extra courts available please reduce the requested court number.
  • You cannot invite a player of a lower rating to join your level play. You may invite a player with a higher rating.   
  • Please start and end at the proper times.
  • You must display your membership cards on the court on the membership card display racks on the separation fence post between courts.  If you do not have your membership card you cannot play.
  • Level Play is part of your membership cost and no addition fee is required. No balls will be provided.  We ask each member to have an outdoor ball available for use and to mark their ball with their name.
Leagues include Ladders, Fixed Doubles, Singles and any other scheduled event that reserves court time for specific play.
  • Will be usually associated to three seasons.  Spring (May-June); Summer (July-August); Fall (September-October). 
  • There will be a small charge available to play in a league and balls will be provided. More details on the leagues will be provided separately.
  • You must display your membership cards on the court on the membership card display racks on separation fence post between courts.  If you do not have your membership card you cannot play.
  • Specific league details will be explained separately.
Your Four Play (YFP) 
YFP will allow you and any three CTPA members (of any rating) to play together without rotating in new players.  The four of you can continue to play together as long as you want until another foursomes are queueing in which case, when your game ends to 11, you need to come off the courts and call in the next foursome, and all four of you need to combine your FOUR CTPA membership cards and queue on the designated queueing rank to play again.
  • Your Four Play (YFP)  is part of your membership and there is no fee to pay.  No balls will be provided.
  • You must display your membership cards on the court on the membership card display racks on the separation fence post between courts.  If you do not have your membership card you cannot play. If one member in your group does not have a membership card none of the other three CTPA members can play. All four membership cards MUST be displayed properly.  Please review the penalty under membership cards for using someone else's membership card.
  • YFP will be available on all courts except those courts that are scheduled for Level Play or Leagues or other special events that would be posted in the schedule.  If there is nothing schedule for the date and time frame during CTPA hours then all 8 courts are available for YFP.  Keep an eye to the schedule because there still may be courts available for YFP even during scheduled Level Play & Leagues. 
  • If your courts are going to be used for Level Play or Leagues, you must give up your court 5 minutes before the start of level play & leagues, EVEN if your game is not finished.  If other courts are still available for YFP you can queue your cards to play on those available courts.  League  & Level play has priority of the courts and must play on the courts they were assigned. Please be respectful of Level & League play and their priority to specific court assignment and their start time.
  • If you have a 5th or 6th or 7th person as part of your group where you want to change players for the next game, and other foursome are queueing, you must come off the court and set the next four cards who are playing together on the next available empty space on the queueing racks. The 5th, and/or 6th and/or 7th person in your group cannot save a queueing spot in the rack while you are playing.  You must have all four person available and not playing to queue and all four membership cards hanging on the queueing rack to play. 
  • If you are a group of 8 or 12 players, you can intermix players between your groups on the queueing racks. If Player A,B,C & D had their cards in the queue and players E,F,G,H were coming off the court, for example, Players E & F, could take the place on the  same space of the queueing racks of players C & D of the first group and then Players C, D, G & H would queue their cards at the end of the queue. You could not exchange all four players. Again if players E,F,G,H were coming off the courts and player A,B,C,D decided not to play anymore and their cards were in the queueing racks, they could not give their space up to Players EFGH.
  • If people are queueing, the foursome will come off the court after they finished their game to 11, win by two. The court is used for playing, not to practice when people are queueing except to initially warm up for a couple minutes.
  • Singles can be played up to 8:30AM on the weekday during YFP and if there are people waiting, the two singles players can queue their cards together just like a foursome until 8:15AM. If courts are available after 8:30AM and no one is queueing you can play singles until a group of four player queues where you have to immediately get off the court to allow the four players on to your courts.  
  • You can finish your game if your time extends into public play times but if people are queueing you must give up your court once you finish your game.  Please be respectful of public play times.  You can continue to play but it must be under the public play rules.  As soon as public time start, you can no longer use the queueing card racks, but you will queue with your paddles. Do not forget to pick up your membership cards.

Guest Passes

(Starting May 15 & after)

Guest passes will be sold at the Parks & Recreation Customer Service desk in the Municipal Center. Guest passes will display the member name and expiration date.  A Guest Pass is $5 per day and the guest may play only on Your Four courts and cannot play in Level Play (unless rating committee gives approval and they notify the level coordinator.) nor league play. A guest pass is valid for one day - the date that Park and Recreation writes on the card. The guest must display their guest pass just like a CTPA membership card. A guest pass can be purchased up to one week in advance. Guest passes are non-refundable.

CTPA membership cards
  • Please display your cards and encourage others to do so. As our membership grows we need to be vigilant to make sure all people playing at CTPA times are members. If someone is not a member please report them to Parks and Recreation or a CTPA volunteer who may be at the courts. 
  • All cards must be displayed at the card display rack on the fence post dividing the two courts  in Level play, Leagues and YFP. No exceptions.  When you leave the court you must take your card with you and the next four players must display their cards. When waiting for a court in YFP, all four members must have their cards combined on a designated queueing rack.
  • Membership cards cannot be loaned to be used by non-CTPA or CTPA players who forgot their card. If this happens, the member of the loaned card and the person using the card both will have to forfeited membership for 6 months without refund.
  • They cannot play during CTPA hours for 6 months. Members/guests using fake or expired guest cards will both be subjected to the same penalty.  In YFP, any three members playing with another member who has a CTPA  card that is not their own will also receive a 6 month penalty. Please know the success of CTPA and our growth is  following the rules established.The membership cards and fees are the basis of our future growth and therefore we will strongly enforce these penalties if anyone violates them.   
  • Don't jeopardize your own membership by playing with someone who forgot their own card or is playing with someone else's card or using a fake/expired guest pass in YFP.   
Sportsmanship & Etiquette 
 As a CTPA member you are helping to expand pickleball in our area as your membership fee will help pay off the court debt and allow us to expand to additional courts in the future. Please respect each member knowing our objectives are the same. Please report a person who does not behave in the manner appropriate of a CTPA member to Cranberry Park and Recreation or a CTPA committee member or level coordinator.  
Please send any questions to brucemazzoni@zoominternet.net