Pickleball Press, October 26, 2017

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Welcome to CTPA's first issue of the Pickleball Press - a newsletter that keeps CTPA's pickleball players up-to-date on the latest news and information from the world of pickleball both nationally and locally - right here in Cranberry Township. 
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CTCC's Pickleball SportsCourts are coming along nicely

The CTCC SportCourts complex, particularly including its eight new pickleball courts, has experienced tremendous progress this fall. Formal dedication of the project will take place April 14. At press time, the final two-tone surface coating was being applied and fencing is almost complete. Each court is fenced to minimize interference from one another. A concrete queuing area between the two four-court sets will allow players to wait their turn on the courts. A building next to the courts includes an office, storage space, restrooms and a bottle refilling water fountain. The building’s electrical work is not yet complete. Landscaping for the courts and Community Gardens is also underway although some trees and shrubs can’t be planted until early April. You will notice that there is undeveloped land south of the eight pickleball courts and opposite the tennis courts. Each has enough room to accommodate four more pickleball courts, so the land is being reserved for that purpose. If CTPA’s membership continues to grow, we’ll have the ability to expand to 16 courts. Right now, that’s a dream, but the land is there to make it a reality. 

Open Gym Pickleball

The Municipal Center Gym features three indoor pickleball courts.
When: Ten sessions to be announced soon, for November & December.
Fees: Resident: $4; Non-Resident: $5.
*CTPA Member Walk-in: $3 (10 Session Package: $25)
 Limit: One per Member
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REGISTER FOR PICKLEBALL:  Online  www.CTPApickleball.com

Contact:  Contact@CTPApickleball.com
Phone: 724-779-4FUN (4386) x 1129
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CTPA Membership Cards and queuing

Your new CTPA membership card looks great. But what can you use it for? First, of course, it identifies you as a member.

But what about that hole? It’s to use your card as a marker on the new courts. When the courts are full, you can hang your card on the court posts to monitor who is a member and who is not. If you don’t have a card, or you forgot your card, you won’t be able to play on the courts during CTPA reserved hours and events.

If you have a competitive membership, your rating will be stamped on the bottom corner of your card. This will help assure that people of comparable skill level will be playing against one another.
CTPA Membership Expands 
From the time we started accepting CTPA memberships in August, 175 players have signed up! Of those, 135 are competitive members and the rest are social members. But that number is growing daily, boosted by two of our beginners’ classes: CTPA PB-1 and CTPA Fast Track. More than 60 players signed up for a class just this fall! For those taking PB-1, the class includes a $25 discount to become a CTPA member. For those taking the Fast Track Clinic, it includes a full competitive membership. We expect to exceed 200 members by the end of the year. 

Growing Strong
We anticipate growing on three fronts: The first is from current local pickleball players. We feel we have only reached about a third of them so far, but we’re confident that once the eight outdoor courts are in operation and our full programming is underway, many of these people will become members. The second group is smaller in size but important to our association. It includes advanced players throughout Western PA and even from neighboring states who are looking for an opportunity to compete against experienced players at higher levels. Right now, other than tournaments, there is limited opportunity for advanced players to compete against people at their own level. They will have that opportunity with CTPA. 

As we continue growing, this segment will attract some high-level volunteers who can help us with classes, drills and mentoring so that other players can rise to the next level of pickleball. We will soon be announcing the names of several 4.5-rated players who will be taking over some of our training classes in the spring. Next summer, we will introduce a drilling/mentoring program for players interested in getting an expert assessment of their game and the areas they can improve upon through drills. The third area of growth will come from new players who are still not sure what pickleball is about. Although the game was created 50 years ago, it is still new to our area. The fastest-growing segment of Pickleball is among those 20 to 50 years of age, which is the prime demographic for Cranberry and the surrounding area. The Cranberry ZIP code and those of adjacent communities include over 100,000 people. If we achieve the ratio of Pickleball players to population that is characteristic of other areas of the country where Pickleball is better known, we would have about 2,000 players! That is the growth potential we feel we can have in another 5 to 10 years.
CTPA PB-3. Strategies and Tactics
CTPA is pleased to announce that we have now secured a 4.5-rated teacher to take over PB-3. James LaRossa, a CTPA member who teaches throughout the region, is taking over the PB-3 class. It will be a Strategies & Tactics class adapted for players rated 2.5, 3.0, or 3.5. He will introduce a whole new agenda based on what we plan to teach. That includes foot positioning and movement from one spot to another. While touch and stroke remain very important to pickleball, many players can improve by understanding the game’s strategy. It will be taught indoors on three courts in the Cranberry Community Center gymnasium. Class size is limited to 12 people. Only one class of PB-3 will be offered each season, excluding winter. Some spots are still available for the November 19 class. If you book it two weeks in advance, you’ll get a $10 discount for the class. If you are a CTPA member, the cost is just $10! The next CTPA-PB-3 class will be offered May 12.  
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