Water Meter Replacement Program

The Township recently began a $3.5 million project to replace more than 8,000 older residential and commercial water meters with a new generation of remotely-read digital units.  
Over time water meters wear out and their accuracy declines.  The new meters, built by Sensus – formerly a division of Rockwell International – include an extended-life battery rated for 20 years of service.  The meters will be coupled with transmitters mounted on an exterior wall of the customer’s home.  Daily reads will be transmitted every four hours to receiving antennas, thereby eliminating the need for on-site meter readings every other month.  Estimated billing, which was previously used to account for the months between actual readings, will be eliminated.  In the future, customers will have the ability to access their water consumption usage securely online 24/7.
Installation, which involves removing the old meters and replacing them with new ones, will be done by Newman Plumbing, neighborhood by neighborhood, over an 18-month period. Customers will be notified by mail of the dates the contractor will be in their own neighborhood and asked to call to schedule their appointment.  A meter exchange takes about 20 minutes and requires access to the interior of the home in the presence of an adult. Newman Plumbing will carry badges to identify themselves as Meter Technicians.

Please note:

The first bill received after installation will include a Previous Reading of 0.  Total Usage amount will reflect the old meter usage plus the new meter usage.  Sample Bill with New Meter

Sample Bill with New Meter

Sample New Bill

Things to watch for in the mail:

General notification – All full meter replacement customers will receive a postcard and a letter explaining the Meter Replacement project. Meter Replacement Letter
  • First notification: Cranberry Township will contact Homeowner Association representatives informing them that meter replacement work will be done in their neighborhood. Residents may receive an email, flyer or message from their HOA with information on the meter exchange program.
  • Second notification: Cranberry Township will mail a letter to residents informing them that the contractor will be working in their neighborhood or area in the near future. 
  • Third notification: Newman Plumbing will send a neon colored postcard prompting residents to schedule an appointment.
  • Fourth notification: Newman Plumbing will send a final notice (neon colored) postcard prompting residents to schedule their meter replacement appointment.
  • Fifth notification: Newman Plumbing will place a door hanger on the resident's front door or garage door if the resident has not yet responded by phone.
  • Final notification: The Cranberry Township Finance Department will contact the resident as a final attempt to schedule the appointment. If an appointment cannot be made, a water service termination notice will be issued until the meter is replaced.

Read Device (MXU) Upgrade Customers Only - You will not be required to schedule an appointment, your meter does not need replaced. Please click this link for more information: MXU Only Customers

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John Newman, Meter Technician


Mike Newman, Meter Technician

Mike Newman

Paul Fornear, Meter Technician

Paul Fornear

John Cravenor, Meter Technican

John Cravenor

Bob Gavzaai, Meter Technician

Bob Gavazzi

Brian Gapsky, Meter Technician

Brian Gapsky